Privacy Policy

At the privacy policy of our visitors is extremely important for us. This privacy policy explains how we collect and use the personal information of visitors who visit our website. Here we discuss the privacy policy of it is noteworthy to mention here that this privacy policy should affect from 15th of November 2015. The terms and service of this websites are being discussed in this privacy policy. It is a legal statement which reveals how we use the share the information of people who visit this website.

What type of information is collected when you visit this website?

Basically two types of information are collected when someone visits this website and two types are non personal information and personal information. Non personal information is the type of information which is collected automatically through the web browser of a visitor and personal information is the type of information which is collected when a visitors knowingly shares the information with us which possibly includes name, address, phone number or email address.

If you want to visit our website then you don’t have to submit any kind of personal information anywhere so you don’t need to provide your info in order to browse different pages. However, if you like our website and want to subscribe for a newsletter containing updates then you are required to share your email address. Your name or email address won’t be shared with anyone.

Automatic Information: Automatic information is collected from the web or mobile browser of the visitor and it is called as non personal information. This automatic information includes the ip address of a computer or the type of internet connection you are using. This automatic information helps us to improve the user experience of site.

Cookies Information: Pour website use cookies and the area from user visit the website is automatically detected from cookies. Cookies is a data stored on the web browser of a user to make good user experience whenever he wants to visit the site for the second time he feels no difficulty. However you don’t want to provide us your browser information them simply disable the cookies in your browser setting. The location or internet connection information is collected via Google analytics so users need to be aware of that.

How the collected information is used:

This website collects the personal or non personal information of visitors in order to improve the user experience on this website. We collect the information for the purpose of improvement in the website. We strictly don’t sell the personal information of visitors to any third party website or there is no marketing involved in information.

Children’s Privacy Policy:

This website doesn’t contain such information which is not suitable for the children under the age of 13 years. Kids should always surf the internet in the supervision of parents. Parents should keep an eye on the online activity of their children. If a child under 13 years old visit the site and his personal information then we will not be responsible for anything.

Links to third party websites:

Our website may contain links to the third party websites and only you are responsible for any deal made between you and third party. We don’t have control on the privacy policy of third party websites. The links shown on our website are for the convenience of visitors so when you click on the link and make a deal, we are not responsible. It is recommended that before dealing with third party websites you should go through their privacy policy and legal terms.

Update in Privacy Policy:

We own the right to make any kind of change in this privacy policy so you should check this page on regular basis. If any change happens then you will be notified here. If you need any kind of information or you have any questions regarding this privacy policy then feel free to contact us here.