Latest trends of cool haircuts for boys 2015-16

The haircut trends among boys change very often. Sometimes they are attracted towards short haircuts and at times they want to keep their hair long. As we all know that with a professional haircut the entire appearance gets changed. Never make a rash decision of going to the barber for a haircut. First of all look for the cool haircuts for boys which are popular these days. Try to change your haircut often because people will be bored with same haircut every time. Here I will share with some amazing haircuts styles for boys which you must try this time.

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If you have planned for a new haircut for your son then make sure his mother is satisfied with the haircut you have selected. Sometimes the haircuts are not according to boys or they are more suitable to men. So have the opinion of the mother as well. When we talk about the hair types then you should know that the haircuts are not same for boys with different hair texture. Those boys blessed with curly. Wavy or straight hair should get a haircut according to their hair types. So if you want your child to show more seriousness towards studies then you have to select a decent and simple haircut which is easy to maintain as well.

The fade haircut style

This haircut is some common among black boys in which hair are very short. You are free from making difficult hairstyles. With this cut you can easily manage your hair as the length is very short.

Fade HaircutFade Haircut

The shaggy mop

It is a new and very decent type of haircut suitable for boys. If you have long hair then go for it because it has layered which can be styled in any way you like. This haircut is very manageable for boys.

Shaggy Mop HairstyleShaggy Mop Hairstyle/via

The spiky look

Spikes have become a fashion to younger boys and it looks even charming when they have thick hair. It gives you a chance to make a decent hairstyle with spiky hair. Try this haircut and save your time in setting your hair.

Spiky Look Boy with Spiky Haircut/via

Mohawk haircut

You must be familiar with the name of this haircut before as well. It depends upon you to have the length for your Mohawk. With medium to long hair the Mohawk is suitable. Using some hair gel you can style the hair easily.

Mohawk HaircutClose-up portrait of a brutal man with mohawk haircut

The edgy Faux Hawk

The haircut resembles with the normal Mohawk cut. It contains layers which have to styles using hair gel. This haircut suits boys and young men equally. As other haircuts require time and efforts, this is not the case with edgy Mohawk.

Edgy Faux HawkWild faux-hawk/via

Taper haircut

It is nice haircut to try as there is style and simplicity as well. Keep hair shorter along sides while the hair at the front area are styled using some hair gel. In this way a phenomenal look is achieved. If you have never tried it before then you must go for it this time.

Taper HaircutHairdresser cleans boy’s face with soft brush ending haircut.

I hope these haircuts will give you some idea about the selection of a perfect haircut for your son.

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