7 trendy boys short haircuts

There are a number of people who ignore their hair. They are seen wearing the same hairstyle every day. They are afraid of trying a new. Although such people are attracted towards the hairstyle worn by making TV stars but the hesitation stops them from changing their look. To all such people I would suggest that start from simple and decent haircut. Check your comfort level with it and then continue changing your hair look in the days to come. Here I have shared some of the amazing boys short haircuts which are worth trying for the boys every age group.

Boys Short Haircuts


The scissor haircut

Scissor haircut is one of the most popular hairstyle for short length hair. An amazing thing about this hairstyle is that it is very simple and easy to maintain. You can give spiky look to your hair with hair gel or hair cream. You hairstyle will remain at its place throughout the day.

Slicked back haircut

Slicked back haircut is a simple short hairstyle but you have to keep your hair little at the top. This hairstyle is perfect for those who don’t want to mess up with their hairstyle. Just ask your hair dresser to cut a slicked back haircut and he will make a perfect haircut for you.

Slicked Back Haircut


Angular fringe

Angular fringe is one of the emerging hair trends which you can see among fashion models. This hairstyle started becoming popular in 2014 but now in 2015 this hairstyle is in boom. The overall look is achieved with tapered sides and hairs on the top are kept longer. All the hairs are cut at an ingle. This hairstyle looks good on every face shape but the people with round face should try them.

Angular Fringe Hairstyle


Side part pompadour

Side part pompadour is a cool boy’s haircut. This hairstyle was popular during the past years. You must have noticed that models and actors in the fashion history adopted this type of hairstyle but these days its trend is becoming more popular. You can make this hairstyle with any length of hair.Side Part Pompadour


Casual look

Casual hairstyle is a classic hairstyle for short hair. This hairstyle is similar to the slicked back haircut. You can achieve this look by applying a little gel or the styling cream. In this hairstyle sides are kept shorter while the hairs on the top are kept longer.

Casual Look Hairstyle


Short back and sides haircut

Short back and sides haircut the names reveals the haircut. This haircut is achieved with short back and sides but hair on the top are kept long. You can sweep hair over the head and this hairstyle tapers at the front. Those men who want to look unique should adopt this hairstyle.

Short Back and-Sides Haircut


Simple short hairstyle

Simple short hairstyle is very simple style to make in which hair on the top are kept little longer while hair on the back and sides are kept short. This hairstyle is perfect for those who want hair freedom. The complete look is achieved y apply some hair gel over the hair.

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